Shipping & Returns:

1. Why is my order delayed?

When you place an order at the website of Leoeco, you will have your product(s) at home as fast as possible, no matter where you live! On the contrary, if your order delivery is delayed, there may be two reasons: 1. product stock is insufficient - we will be the first to inform you through the mailbox, please check the mailbox and reply. 2. the shipping area may be remote, so we do not support free shipping, or the cost of shipping - we will also be the ground time to contact customers through the mailbox, please check the mailbox and reply. Thank you!

2. Why is my order price changed?

While Leoeco website strives to provide accurate prices and product descriptions, errors may occur on our website. Prices and quantities are subject to change without notice. Leoeco websites reserve the right to limit orders based on out-of-stock conditions, pricing and description errors.


Orders received on the Leoeco website are not considered final until the accuracy of the order has been manually verified. Leoeco websites are not responsible for pricing errors due to data synchronization problems, data system corruption, malicious activity, or any other reason that results in inaccurate pricing of "fair market" values.

1. How do I modify or cancel an order?

After you have placed an order on the Leoeco website, please be sure to contact us in the first instance if you have an idea for a replacement product or cancellation of your order. If you want to change the product, please inform us the name and model number of the replacement product, and we will replace it for you in the first time. But please note: this replacement service must be under the premise that we have not yet shipped the product, if you have already arranged for delivery, the replacement service does not exist, please know. Cancellation of orders is the same, you need to contact us in time, if already shipped, you can not cancel the order, please understand, thank you.

2. How to return an item?

To start the return process, you can find your order and contact us via email. The email should tell: the reason for the return; a complete and clear photo of the product. Or some other information we will need later, so please stay in communication with us before returning the product so that the return can be completed more smoothly.

3. How do I track an order?

Once you place an order, we start processing it. staff at the Leoeco office will verify your order and send it to the warehouse. Here, your products are packed for safe transport and delivered as quickly as possible. We always choose the fastest shipping method and work with international carriers such as FedEx and UPS to ensure fast and safe delivery. Your order will therefore be shipped within 48 hours. The delivery date depends on your country and shipping company. After we ship your order, you will receive a tracking code. Using this code, you can track the journey of your order and see when delivery is scheduled.